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Oliver Wright
Oliver Wright

(Dub) 6 : Moving, And A Dragon

As its name implies, the Stand takes the form of a metallic, Eastern-style dragon surrounded by a floating ring. The dragon hovers in the center of the ring and has two small-clawed arms, and a spade-shaped tail that points out before itself, which doubles as the arrow-point of a compass. The ring itself is covered in eight rounded points that each have three smaller points between them. When using its rebound ability, Dragon's Dream cloaks itself in a transparent bubble.

(Dub) 6 : Moving, and a Dragon

Several of his attack names are actually puns due to the way some of the Japanese words are combined together. When these words are pronounced together, they can sound like a completely different Japanese word, often referring to cuisine in general, and to sushi in many specific cases. Also, while Zoro is agnostic, some of his attacks have religious references to them. Many of his attacks before and after the timeskip also incorporate animal themes (gorilla, dragon, lion, bull, etc.).

While in this form, the user has a greatly increased flight speed to the point where it can be hard to follow with one's eye sight. This form is also capable of fending off powerful attacks by simply flapping its wings. From the various jewels all over the armor, the user can grow multiple limbs and blades akin to the appearance of a dragon. On top of that, the user obtains the ability to shoot lasers out of their mouth.[4]

He reads the lucky spot again and summons Dragon's Dream, who is seen by F.F. and irritatingly explains to F.F. the ins and outs of its ability for the sake of a fair fight. After an exchange of blows, Kenzou reaches Dragon's Dream and his arm connects with F.F.'s unlucky spot. Although F.F. blocks the fist by dislocating her elbow, a series of events causes pieces of glass to pierce F.F.'s face. She opens her mouth in shock, allowing Kenzou to attack although F.F. backs off to avoid the attack. Dragon's Dream points to another unlucky spot above F.F.'s left ear. Kenzou rushes towards F.F., who attempts a kick but Kenzou then grabs the leg. When F.F. attempts a knifehand strike, Kenzou makes a straight spearhand strike at F.F.'s throat and jams his other hand in F.F.'s throat. In retaliation, F.F. bites Kenzou's fingers. In pain, the old man strikes F.F.'s liver and pushes her towards Dragon's Dream. F.F.'s arm enters the dragon and punches a corpse, which causes another unlucky series of events that make a piece of machinery slice through F.F.'s head. F.F. is now dangerously low on water. 041b061a72




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