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Oliver Wright
Oliver Wright

M (19).mp4

.mp4, .avi are suppport formats I don't know why Mocha cannot import my file. I'd like it work like before a problem. It's impede I have to render a video in JPEG sequence and import to Mocha. Before I just click at Animation >> Track Mocha AE and it worked perfekt.

m (19).mp4

I appreciate you being available to the forums. I would appreciate it much more if MOCHA AE CC worked. I want to track motion not search for an answer why MOCHA AE CC cannot import a .mp4 file. "failed to open... bla bla bla...unsupported file format"

Is there any way Power BI/Powershell can export .mp4 file-related data from OneDrive for business and SharePoint Online so as to look at the metadata of the Teams Meeting Recording .mp4 files which can be differentiated from non Teams Meeting recording files? Thanks in advance!

1.Teams meeting recordings' [Sharing] column is automatically displayed as Shared (share with people who joined in this meeting), and (non Teams meeting recordings) .mp4 files are Private by default unless you specify whom to share to.

I tried to repro in MacOS Ventura 13.1 with an .mp4. Just tried a .mov and it also worked fine Maybe you can try with different file extensions? I think @rigmarole might be on the right track on this being an encoder issue. If you send a sample as @ariehen suggested, we can test it and see if we can repro

'.mov' and '.mp4' just refer to 'container file formats'. What you have to take into account is the encoding format of the video and audio data contained in the file. Usually, you want an .mp4 file for sharing or playback on player devices. Such .mp4 files are usually expected to have the video track encoded in the H.264 compression format, and audio track in the AAC or the MP3 format.

Depending on the original creator application settings, the video and audio in the .mov file may already be compressed with H.264/AAC codecs. In this case, you don't need to 'convert' (transcode) it, as this process would compress the video data again adding generation loss because of the lossy compression methods used by the H.264 and AAC codecs. Instead, you can rewrap the contents into an .mp4 container file without re-compressing the video/audio data itself. This is also faster than transcoding. 041b061a72




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