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Oliver Wright
Oliver Wright

Dragonheart Vengeance

Lukas travels deep into the countryside to find Siveth, offering her a bag of crop seed as payment. Realizing that Lukas wants vengeance instead of justice, Siveth refuses to help, so Lukas leaves. He soon finds a horse with a saddle and supplies to aid him in his journey. Darius, who followed him, teaches Lukas how to fight. Pursuing The Bear first, Darius and Lukas follow his trail and discover that Siveth has traveled with them, disguised as Lukas' horse. Darius departs after a heated argument with Siveth, leaving her and Lukas to face The Bear and his band of raiders. While trying to kill Lukas during the fight, The Bear falls to his death, pleasing Lukas much to Siveth's dismay.

Dragonheart Vengeance


However, Siveth responded that she will help them but only on the condition that they listen to her advice when they find the four raiders. Despite Darius' warning Lukas that she won't give him the vengeance he wanted, the latter agrees to listen to Siveth's advice, which satisfies the dragon. Not happy with this, Darius makes Lukas chose on who he should work with, though the latter insisted that they've got extra help. Refusing to accept this, Darius makes Lukas either him or Siveth as his champion. Eventually, the latter was able to win Lukas to her side after she demonstrates her ability to unhinge her jaw. This also caused Darius to leave them, though Siveth didn't seem to care as she just went to take a nap the moment Darius departed. Later, when Lukas called out to Siveth, as he was being chased by the Bear and his men. the dragon came to his rescue. When Lukas tells her to use her ice breath on the Bear and his band of raiders, Siveth reveals that she can't yet. She then express disgust when Lukas advised that she eat them instead.

When the Bear's men began attacking Siveth with stones in an attempt to hit her in the eyes, this provoked her into blasting dust at them via her wings in an attempt to slow them down. Siveth is then forced to deal with the Bear's band of raiders, allowing the Bear himself to go after Lukas. A while later, Siveth, out of sight, was able to scare the raiders into fleeing. Upon reuniting with Lukas, she noticed the bloodied corpse of the Bear, as he had accidentally fallen off a cliff to his death. When she expressed her belief that death is an "ugly sight", no matter how deserving it can be, she was dismayed when Lukas was pleased with the Bear's accidental death. Siveth wasn't in a talking mood after that when Lukas asked on what they should with the raider's body. In their pursuit for the second Marauder, known as the Wolf, Siveth resumes her horse form. Later, when they stopped for the night, she kept watch for any threat while Lukas was asleep. The next day, as they continued on, Siveth returns to her normal form so she may stretch her wings. When Lukas asked on what is it like to fly, she states that it is like nothing could hold someone back. When the former suggested that they should try just for fun, she agreed. They once again stop to rest for the night in a leafless forest, which Lukas knew is a good opportunity to find the wolf. While under a campfire, Siveth tells Lukas about Britannia, the country where she came from; she describes it as green, foggy and it has farms as far as the eye could see. She chuckled in amusement when Lukas tells her of the amusing side in his parents; his mother was funny while his father was really clumsy. Siveth then tells the former that she longed to live a noble life and earn her place in the constellation Draco when she dies. Changing the subject, she suggested that a few laughs along the way wouldn't hurt or even a party, which she didn't have in years. She then states to Lukas that while she understands that he is in a lot of pain, ever since his family was killed, but vengeance can darken even the noblest heart.

Despite being merciful at heart and having a dislike for vengeance, she can, however, go beyond that and become ruthless and vengeful. This happens whenever she completely gives in to her rage or when her companions have been greatly wounded by their enemies.

Lukas travels deep into the countryside to gain the assist from Siveth (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter), a dragon that has been banished. Siveth refuses, since he is out for vengeance, not justice. In the meantime, Lukas is trained to fight by Darius (Joseph Millson), a sword-fighting mercenary.

The next night, Darius urges Luka to eliminate Snake since his information is worthless, only for Siveth to remind him of his eavesdropping promise, advising him to bring the woman to town instead. When Darius continues to influence Luka towards the path of vengeance, Siveth ends up admitting that "one-eyed" never existed and that the only one responsible was the king. Following this revelation, Luka and Darius drop their assassination plan.

In DragonHeart: Vengeance, the rogue is replaced with a young farmboy who appeals to the dragon to help him seek him find the titular vengeance. The dragon sharing its heart part is twisted on its head in slightly different ways and he is joined in his quest by another roguish adventurer. The biggest change to this time is that we have a female dragon voiced by no less than Helena Bonham Carter. 041b061a72




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